Sample Confirming

After receiving our report, if you are satisfied with it, then the next step is to get samples to check quality and workmanship from your specified vendor.

If you source suppliers by yourself, you need to contact the suppliers one by one to collect samples. Let’s say you have 5 potential suppliers; it will cost you around $200+ to get all samples from the factories. If none of these samples are good quality, you waste a lot of money. However, by using Forvelop, you avoid this hassle.

Your assigned agent will help you collect all suppliers’ samples in our company, and ship to you in one box. What you need to pay is just sample fee and the shipping fee of one box, which just starts from $25. If we find the sample was bad quality, we will let you know and remove it, instead of wasting your shipping cost.

In addition, if you want to develop a brand new product, make your own design packaging, or make adjustments to your products, Forvelop will assist you to customize mock-up samples. Thus, you can figure out how the final product will come out from the production.